November 15th, 2015


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Mysterious Beard

Three Things

Three Good Things for Today

  1. I had the day off! Got some lotion for my drying-out knuckles and had some yummy pizza for lunch. :d

  2. Finished the "Soarin ColtSpice Ad" pic and posted for my Patreon supporters. I'll post it to the world at large tomorrow.

  3. Finally started posting SJ to my FurAffinity page again. (Was that today or yesterday? I think it was today. But just in case it wasn't...)

  4. BONUS GOOD THING! The cats were adorable today, particularly Buddha.

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. Post said Soarin pic to FA/DA. :)

  2. Do a past life meditation in the morning before my counselor appointment.

  3. Go to my counselor appointment.

And now... sleep!