November 16th, 2015

Mysterious Beard

Meditation Journal– Fragments and Sleep

Went through the Brian Weiss video; other than a few bits of memory involving my old Mego Star Trek figures on a bed tray when I was home sick as a child, I got almost nothing but flickers and momentary glimpses. My healing color, when I could see one, was turquoise. When I attempted to visualize a garden, I seemed to be stuck behind a kind of rubber mat with a clear section, it looked kind of like a car door, or maybe being inside a work pod like the ones in 2001, that was open around my feet but for whatever reason kept me insulated and isolated from anything I was trying to picture. Then in the later portions of the video, the visual fragments turned into dream fragments and I started dozing in and out of sleep.

I did come back up to being awake when prompted in the video, so presumably some part of my mind was still trying to follow along. But conscious brain apparently needed a nap more than it needed any past life memories, today. A little disappointing, but not entirely surprising. I have been working very hard, and so of course I'm tired. There's always tomorrow.

-The Gneech

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