December 10th, 2015


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Weekly Weigh-In, WTF Edition

Current weight: a rapidly thinning 288.5.

So, there's a story behind this.

Since taking the Starbucks job, my weight has stayed pretty firmly in the 280s, but I am still visibly getting leaner. My clothes are still loosening, and muscle definition is starting to pop out in places it just sorta lurking in before. I guess the weight must be converting to muscle? Maybe? I don't get how I could be continuing to get leaner and stay the same weight otherwise.


Over the past month Weight Watchers has been revamping their points system (again) and website accordingly. Now, there's no way to track "work retail" as an activity, although there totally should be. After poking around a little, I found that a common way of recording that is "walking" for half the duration of your shift. By that method, a typical day of working retail is 11-15 "activity points," which is a pretty hefty amount, and I can believe it. After a long time of slacking in the recording my diet department, I started recording again on Tuesday after getting back from MFF, trying to quantify what was going on and get into a more deliberate mode than just eating whatever junk I got free at the store and watching my weight bounce around in the mid-280s forever.

Which was all well and good, except that today they put me on the new program. Instead of accumulating activity points over the course of the week, you have a daily activity points goal which you are trying to hit, but that doesn't impact how many food points you have. They also jacked up the points values of many foods (including the skinny mochas I had resigned myself to because they fit into my previous budget), and lowered the daily point allotment, with "no swapping" as the default.

So going through a day that wasn't exactly light, but was hardly hefty, I burned through all of my daily points by lunch and half of my weekly points by dinner.

Seriously, WTF.

I'm going to tweak around and see what I can figure out; but honestly, if WW goes the route of recommending people live on pebbles and assumes a daily marathon as the baseline, it's going to lose everything that's made it effective and valuable over the years. We'll see.

-The Gneech
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