January 24th, 2016


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Reincarnation Report: No Connection

My sleep has been weird for the past several days, which has in turn led to a certain edginess and wonky moods. This was exacerbated today by a very unpleasant encounter with neighbors involved in a domestic dispute that ended up with police involvement. Nobody was hurt (as far as I know), but it left me rattled and jumpy. (As in, when we passed another neighbor's house and the family cheered at a football game, I literally jumped because I was afraid someone was screaming.)

Since I've been quite busy lately, I've kinda fallen off the meditation wagon, so I decided to relax some tonight with a reincarnation session. The results? Mixed, but on the whole positive.

My healing color visualization this time was a pastel lavender, and that part of the meditation went very well. However, as the session went on, and I got more and more relaxed, my ability to remain focused quickly dissipated. All I managed to get during the childhood memory portion was a series of random memories of riding in a car as it drove under things, such as under the river-side of the Kennedy Center, or under overpasses, and so on. This, I'm pretty sure, was prompted by the racing game I've been playing on my iPad for the past few days.

During the in utero section, I'm pretty sure I actually drifted off to sleep for a few seconds. This is always an iffy section for me anyhow. I have theories about this, and may expound upon them later.

During the section that was supposed to be remembering a previous life, I got a few more childhood memories, and in particular, going to a record store at Fair Oaks Mall and buying the soundtrack to the Popeye movie (on vinyl, natch, 'cos it was 1980), and there being a cardboard standee of Robin Williams and Shelly Duvall in the store in their movie costumes. Then I drifted in and out again until the "waking up" part of the session, at which point, well, I woke up.

So past-life wise, definitely a wash. However, at the end of the session, I felt more centered, happy, and relaxed than I have for days, and I'm confident that I will sleep well tonight. ^.^ So by that reckoning, it was a big success.

Speaking of which, time to actually go to bed, I think. :) The new Suburban Jungle will go up at midnight, and tomorrow is weigh-in day. I'm very curious how the reduced carb efforts will perform. :)

Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. I love ya. <3

-The Gneech