June 23rd, 2016

Yue Bishonen

Yes, Team Overwatch Is Way Better

(Faux titles for Overwatch: The Anime are a thing. There are tons of them! And most are quite good.)

Last night, for the first time, I managed to get into a game with a full 6-person group in Overwatch, and we hopped into "vs. AI" on difficult mode.[1] Even this is not as challenging and varied as matches against real people, but it is still pretty tough because the bots do All Headshots All the Time, and when the headshotting is done by Zenyatta after a discord orb? You go down, fast. Playing solo against AI in difficult mode doesn't feel that different from playing solo in PVP games: "Boom. Headshot."

Playing as a coordinated team? HUGE difference. Yes, we had to work to win (the bots got nearly as far as the last checkpoint on King's Row, for instance, instead of being stomped before they ever got to the payload), but even with the bots doing All Headshots we could set up intelligent defense plans and coordinated pushes, combined ultimates for whombo combos, and figure out where there were holes that needed plugging and compensate accordingly. Honestly, with that group I would have felt quite confident to take on PVP games, despite my general n00bness and tendency to feel intimidated by them solo. (Tilt is a problem. I will overcome it with practice.)

We also did an All D.Va attack on Gibraltar, which was a ton of fun. We could melt anything– as long as it was within five feet of us. XD That only worked because we were up against bots, tho– human players would probably have torn us apart with Mei, S76, and Zarya combos.

The net result of this is that I'm getting quite eager to try my hand at ranked play– when the venn diagram of "ranked season opens" and "I have stable computer" overlap. The general consensus among the various players/commentators that I've been following is that people in ranked games (regardless of their skill level) value team play, focus on the objectives, and generally do their best to do well– which is the kind of environment I want to play in.

At least most of the time. Occasionally I just want to go Team D.Va and pfutz around. ;)

-The Gneech

[1] Until my PC is reliably able to finish even a single match without crashing, I've been avoiding live games. Fortunately I've only got a little more than two weeks to wait, I hope!

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