July 8th, 2016


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33% Win Rate, Bay-Bee!

Play of the Game Badge: RJ by the-gneech on DeviantArt

Every once in a while the universe goes, "Oh by the way, HERE." And while I'm always very grateful for these episodes, I am also very baffled and left feeling vaguely like something is out of order somewhere. In this particular case, a very kind TwitterPonies fan, upon hearing of my constant battles with the rapidly-failing MACH5, made a new and way better computer appear as if by magic today. Dubbed KITT, as it is all black and mysterious except for a single red light on the front, it is actually the second computer of mine by that name. And, not gonna lie, it's very nice. ^.^'

So, true to my word, I jumped into PVP in Overwatch tonight, after a few AI matches to get a feel for the new machine.

Sooooo smooooth. O.o I dunno what the framerate was, but it was like watching a very peculiar Pixar movie. I only won one match... but the defeats were gorgeous to watch. XD

I didn't spend the whole day on that, tho. As you can see, I completed the first of my "Play of the Game" badge commissions today. Tomorrow I'll try to bang out another if I can, but I'm also thinking of heading over to Baltimore tomorrow to catch lunch with some folks at BronyCon. I was considering a Saturday pass to poke around the con itself, but $50 is kinda steep for what I would get out of it. Lunch with friends is more than sufficient instead. :)

Tomorrow night, I hope to do some online gaming, in the form of Cards Against Humanity and possibly Quiplash if I can rustle up enough players. And if not... well... I can run Overwatch now. Whenever I want. No crashing.



-The Gneech, now idea how he got so lucky