July 25th, 2016


Too Much To Do List!

Okay. I need to get myself together here, as I've been sorta scattered lately. So here we go.

  1. Contact Jacky Paisley

  2. Deposit checks

  3. Resolve insurance

  4. Pick up prescriptions

  5. RH Bonus Stuff

  6. PotG badges to Patreon?

  7. Lia commish

  8. Sky Pirates agent pitches, round three

  9. Redliox potg badge

  10. Gryphon_2 potg badge (need refs!)

  11. Welof potg badge

  12. Loupy potg badge

  13. Script for issue five

  14. Mail Kamau's power cord

  15. FurPlanet commish

  16. Sky Pirates 2 outline

  17. Record footage for "Learning Not to Suck at Overwatch"

  18. Clean up gneech.com bibliography, about page, and categories

  19. Clean sinks

That should keep me busy for at least the afternoon. ¬.¬

-The Gneech

My tweets

  • Sun, 17:56: o/` Just glue some gears on it and call it steampunk, that’s the trendy fashion nowadays… o/`
  • Sun, 18:02: Legend of Korra Game on sale on Steam. O.o
  • Sun, 18:02: Dangit world, stop making me want to spend money on things.
  • Sun, 18:39: RT @pixelkitties: Okay, Gotham City needs to bulldoze it's seemingly unlimited number of abandoned amusement parks.
  • Sun, 19:54: So I fixed the broken battery mount in my proton pack, did some cosplay, and have discovered that a different battery mount is now broken.
  • Sun, 19:55: Did the person who made the pack go to the Discount Radio Shack, instead? Is there even such a thing?
  • Sun, 19:56: “The plywood mounting board, metal case, and electronics are fine. That basic $1.50 battery mount is super-delicate, tho, so be careful."
  • Sun, 20:11: RT @OnePerfectShot: 68 years ago today we met Marvin the Martian for the first time in Chuck Jones' HAREDEVIL HARE. https://t.co/GWxi83ddBb
  • Sun, 20:11: RT @mlp_Applejack: *lounges quietly under a tree at the top of a hill in Ponyville Park, watching @mlp_Winona chase squirrels*
  • Sun, 20:12: RT @mlp_Applejack: *the orange and yellow of her coat and mane catch the rays of the setting sun, creating a warm suffusion of golden light…
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