November 8th, 2016


My tweets

  • Mon, 12:58: RT @dduane: I like the hashtag. :)
  • Mon, 13:03: RT @FakeTSR: We laughed, the printer laughed… then we killed the printer. #mimics
  • Mon, 13:04: RT @pixelkitties: Are you ready to cast your ballot? Be sure to look up your polling place, bring suitable ID, and avoid wearing partisan b…
  • Mon, 13:06: RT @neilcic: VOTING TIP: Set a reminder on your phone for 2018 called "Give a shit about the midterms"
  • Mon, 13:07: Seriously, re: midterms? a) Fewer people vote, so your vote carries more weight, and b) Only politically active vote, meaning more loons.
  • Mon, 13:08: Assuming you are not a loon, PLEASE vote in midterms. Low turnout at midterms is one reason our gov’t is so broken right now.
  • Mon, 13:11: I grew up near D.C., so politics is in the air I breathe. So I’ve always voted in mid-terms. I can see the effects…
  • Mon, 13:13: Despite what people outside the beltway often think, the system really DOES mostly work the way it’s designed to. But it's a sloppy process.
  • Mon, 13:15: Well yes. Any system is only as good as the people working within it.
  • Mon, 13:18: There ARE groups with outsized influence (Koch bros., entire military industrial complex, etc.)… BUT! They are just another lobby.
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