November 25th, 2016

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Weekly Weigh In: Back On the Wagon Edition

Current: 319.5, up 0.5 from my starting weight of 319 on July 1, 2014
Previous: 286.8 in February

Completely coincidental to Thanksgiving (which I'm actually celebrating with family tomorrow rather than yesterday), part of my get back up and keep going agenda, I signed back up for Weight Watchers last night. Over the past year my weight has shot right back up to where it was two years ago for reasons ranging from crap diet to stress to being on doctor's orders not to exercise while I was recovering from my surgery. And while Weight Watchers had a giant stupidspasm about a year ago and is not as good as it was when I originally signed up, it was what enabled me to make the most progress, so I'm gonna try again.

I first noticed that my weight was going back up sometime around July or August, as my clothes went from fitting to too tight seemingly overnight. I didn't realize just how bad it had gotten until I finally managed to make it back to a doctor. But in the miasma of stress and depression I was swimming around in, I didn't have the oomph to actually do anything about it until recently.

So, yeah. Weight Watchers is back on; DailyBurn is back on. Also, something laurie_robey and I have been quietly doing over the past month is also moving towards a more fruit & veg-oriented diet, away from beef especially but also any red meat in general and limiting dairy intake. There are many and varied reasons for this that don't all have to do with our own fitness, but that's definitely one of the benefits. We haven't completely switched, and probably never will as long as char-broiled burgers are a thing, but it's all about a change in focus.

Again, this is all a side effect of our new goals. Having something I'm excited about to work towards makes a huge difference in my mindset, energy level, and general ability to function.

-The Gneech

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