December 19th, 2016


Weekly Weigh In: All the Pineapple You Can Eat Edition

Today: 309.1
down 10.4 lbs from my highest weight of 319.5 on November 25, 2016
down 9.9 lbs from my starting weight of 319 on July 1, 2014
average lost: 0.08 lbs/week
next milestone: 303 lbs (5% loss)

On the grounds that I hate paying for the same parcel of land twice, I've been pretty aggressive this week about getting my diet and exercise back to where it was in 2015 when I was, y'know, making progress. XD

My best ally in this particular endeavor has been pineapple, something I was never particularly keen on growing up but which I have become quite fond of over the past several months (much to my own surprise). Why pineapple?

  1. It makes me think of Psych, and by extension California.

  2. It's meaty enough that eating chunks of pineapple "feels like" really eating food, as opposed to something like grapes or cantaloupe which are mostly water.

  3. That said, it's also very juicy, which has the added benefit of hydration when thirst is disguised as hunger (which is something I get a lot).

  4. It's cheap. Uncut pineapples go for something like 2/$5 and yield a lot of fruit. They're a little intimidating for the untrained, but actually very easy to skin and cut up.

Thus, pineapple has rapidly become my go-to snack– obviously a much better choice than things like, say, cookies or snack cakes. ¬.¬

I've also started using the accelerometer in my phone to track steps a la Fitbit. It only works when I've got my phone in my pocket, of course, so it misses a lot of random going up and down the stairs here in the apartment or whatever. But when combined with manual entry of my DailyBurn workouts still gives me a record of my physical activity, it makes it easy to measure and track my overall activity level.

So, yeah, makin' progress. :) Life's good.

-The Gneech
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What Do You Do When You're Branded?

Fandom Guy loves you! And fish. He also loves fish.

As mentioned last week, I’m in the midst of something of a “brand overhaul,” which includes everything from my comics and art, to my novel writing career, to my business writing and graphic design efforts. Each of these categories need a slightly different approach, and I’m still banging out a strategy for that, but today I’m concentrating on the art end of things. Because this past week I set up a TigerDile streaming page, for which I needed some graphics to spruce up the place. To that end, I tossed together this banner image:

Three Lions and an Otter! Art by John 'The Gneech' Robey

Honestly? I like it. I like it a lot, in fact, except there’s one big problem, and that’s using “Three Lions and an Otter” as the central motif. It’s a handy model and I think there’s value in it as a touchstone for myself, but it’s not what I want to use for my “brand identity.”

As I took pains to point out when I first started using it, the idea was shamelessly stolen from inspired by M.C.A. Hogarth’s Three Jaguars. This is not a secret. In fact, it’s kinda the whole point. It was intended as a respectful nod towards a brilliant conceit. But what do I immediately get every time I reference “Three Lions and an Otter”?

“Say, are you familiar with Maggie Hogarth?”

“Y’know, M.C.A. Hogarth did something similar. You should check it out.”

“Have you seen Three Jaguars?”

Okay, world. I get it. Message received. XD

So I’m still casting about for a proper umbrella term to use for my “personal brand.” Don’t be surprised to see me “trying on” a few different ideas in the upcoming weeks! Some great ones I’ve seen over the years besides “Three Jaguars” include Michele Light’s Light Bright Studios, the OzFoxes, and so on.

I thought about simply broadening “Suburban Jungle” to reference the body of my work, with the original comic and Rough Housing simply being two projects flying under that banner, but I worry that might be too confusing. Those two projects share a history and a continuity, which random bits of furry art or whatever might not.

So… still chewing on it. I’m open to suggestions if you have any!

-The Gneech