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May 23rd, 2018

My tweets

  • Tue, 12:33: RT @Ruth_A_Buzzi: Spring is here, winter's over, and it's time again to go out and put a few shrimp on the Barbie. http://t.co/2uiITcjCMA
  • Tue, 12:39: RT @RobinDLaws: The Mole People about to pour from that sinkhole on the White House lawn are gonna be real surprised by the enthusiastic re…
  • Tue, 12:53: RT @swishchee: It's warming up finally and your shedding fox roommate could use a brushing (probably why you found an excuse to take him ou…
  • Tue, 12:54: Man, that Jedi mind trick really works. https://t.co/sSutfGnkMN
  • Tue, 13:02: I can’t speak for Shawty, but if someone called ME “the gun to their holster,” I’d be creeped the hell out.
  • Tue, 13:03: RT @cgreensit: Read this. This is what it ALL boils down to with this President: “I want to demean you and discredit you so that when you d…
  • Tue, 13:04: RT @XydexxUnicorn: Hi, I'm Xydexx and I occasionally say things that people like. I don't have a Soundcloud or Patreon or anything to prom…
  • Tue, 13:05: RT @DanaSchwartzzz: hey fun fact pangolins are one of the most trafficked animal in the world and they're facing extinction. donate if you…
  • Tue, 13:13: RT @tabbiewolf: Finally proving that just layering skin/muscle on a skeletal structure doesn’t give you the whole picture of a creature: ht…
  • Tue, 13:14: RT @furious02118mom: Daughter’s class is writing persuasive essays. She wants to convince the school to have ASL courses. So that in a loc…
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