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June 29th, 2018

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:27: RT @dailyskyfox: Whilst not technically a "sexuality" Finny is still a proud member of the Aromantic community! He's far too busy to care f…
  • Thu, 12:27: RT @potatofarmgirl: Early in my career I did a couple months of work for tokyopop and was never paid. Be careful. https://t.co/4uevAOCo6q
  • Thu, 12:28: RT @LizardbethArt: This is the kind of political shake-up we need in this country. NOT more people like Trump, who just want more of The Wo…
  • Thu, 12:29: RT @tordotcom: Craving more gaslamp fantasy romances like @clpolk's WITCHMARK? We've got you covered with a range of titles from @DrVictori
  • Thu, 12:29: RT @elianamargalit: Queer Eye but it's a bunch of butch lesbians who show up at my house and teach me how to parallel park
  • Thu, 12:29: RT @UrsulaV: Imagine that you wrote gay dinosaur erotica and one day you looked up and people were counting on you to give them hope. A wor…
  • Thu, 12:29: RT @aletweetsnews: #WomenDisobey: The march is on. Hundreds of women have just set out on a 2-mile march to the Capitol against family dete…
  • Thu, 12:30: RT @DothTheDoth: Turn ons include: fog-covered woods & being in an old house when a thunderstorm causes the lights to go out.
  • Thu, 12:30: RT @Angry_Gr0bi: People going "THIS'LL HURT TRANS YOUTH!!!" make it sound like that isn't literally the point. Queer kids being outed to t…
  • Thu, 12:31: RT @DataProgress: There is no state in the country where support for banning abortion reaches even 25 percent. (Data for Progress analysis…
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