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August 5th, 2018

My tweets

  • Sat, 18:52: RT @MontereyAq: #SocialMediaSurvivalTips: take a little time for self care, you'll ottermatically feel more pawesome https://t.co/1kGkoU9Sz5
  • Sat, 18:53: RT @verysmallriver: the reason bi women are treated as “basically straight but you can have a threesome” and bi men are seen as “secretly j…
  • Sat, 18:53: RT @BMCarbaugh: Okay HOLD THE FUCK UP. I just opened my wife's purse to get something for her and found A COOKIE INSIDE? Women, do y'all…
  • Sat, 20:09: RT @LizardbethArt: Hey, internet. I have a challenge for you: If you go out today, try to find at least 3 people to give a compliment to.…
  • Sat, 20:10: RT @JuliusGoat: A thought about our current 'political' divide: What's happening is a critical mass of people are done putting up with abu…
  • Sat, 20:10: RT @realNDWalsch: If you think that love is what you want, you will search for it all over . If you think love is what you are, you will sh…
  • Sat, 20:11: RT @thejeffreymarsh: Below is a thread of B&W pics of openly nonbinary/trans/gender-fun public heroes all from about 100 years ago💛💛 Peop…
  • Sat, 20:11: RT @wIwkatara: korra's back muscles retweet if you agree https://t.co/eKq4Pghunm
  • Sat, 20:12: RT @mollypriddy: *am 33 years old, sees my fifth-grade teacher* me: "Oh man, hi Mrs. Smith!" Mrs. Smith: "hi! you know you can call me A…
  • Sat, 20:43: RT @LeVostreGC: Roses are redde Slowe and noble are the manatees Whanne we explore difficult problems We neede the artes and humanityes.
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