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August 9th, 2018

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:17: RT @dog_rates: This is Ysobel. She can’t believe you let her in the ball pit. Has always wanted to be queen of these colorful lands. 13/10…
  • Wed, 12:17: RT @NovalG: THIS IS AN ALERT TO ALL MY FURRY AND BRONY FRIENDS Last night @TriardtheFox's car was broken into and a bag with her fursuit w…
  • Wed, 12:17: RT @TheSpiderDork: “banning alex jones from twitter would be a slippery slope! if they did that next they would have to start banning nazis…
  • Wed, 12:18: RT @SamSykesSwears: It might just be my age speaking, but I will always take a game with a distinct art direction over a game with hyper-re…
  • Wed, 12:18: RT @austinyorski: HUGE plot hole in reality: every person carries around a device with access to the totality of human knowledge and yet pe…
  • Wed, 12:18: RT @NitrateDiva: Today seems like a good occasion to share Raymond Chandler's mighty disgust with the Oscars ceremony's priorities. (Full a…
  • Wed, 12:21: I used to work with a woman who’d left an abusive relationship and one of my other coworkers literally called her e… https://t.co/VOiVGOc3AQ
  • Wed, 12:24: RT @SaberStubs: What if we reacted to babies the way people reacted to tattoos... "Wow, did it hurt?" "What if you regret it later?"
  • Wed, 12:35: RT @Caudlewag: I want a Glowing fox spirit to follow me around and coach me through my depressive lows... https://t.co/AZedZHZiKs
  • Wed, 13:48: RT @Suetube: Terry Crews says this is his "summer of freedom," after speaking out about his sexual harassment. "I could tell my truth & sti…
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