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Jus' Chillin' (A Bit of a Meander)

Today is one of those rare days ... everything's okay, y'know? There's some stuff I need to do, there are things going on that I'd like to change ... but it's okay.

This morning, I had absolutely no desire for a morning mocha. :) Fancy that. It's amazing how a few shots of straight espresso completely alters how you feel about coffee. I used to always have this lurking "I wanna go get a mocha" thing going on in the back of my head ... but after forced tastings of straight espresso on Saturday and Sunday as part of "getting familiar with the product," I find coffee products in general a lot less appealing than they used to be.

Straight espresso is liquid crap. Avoid it at all costs. Go for a latte or americano if it pleases you, sure ... but straight espresso is just nasty for its own sake.

I can still enjoy a mocha or a frappuccino, but I suspect I've largely been broken of any craving for them for the time being, and possibly forever. If nothing else, the job has been good for me in that regard. :)

In other news, Mudge (a.k.a. Frisk, the Puppy, jamesbarrett) has declared that today I'm going with him to get stuff for his computer. *shrugs* Okay, what the heck. :) But I'm not going to spend too long on it, because I've got drawing to do today. Now that I've returned to the land of the employed, I have to tightly budget my free time.

In other, other news, a common guage people often use for housing expenses, is that they should be no more than 25% of your income. Looking at my Starbucks income, that just kinda makes me giggle. 25% of my projected income there, is about a tenth of my rent. Granted, I live in a very large (and over-priced) apartment ... but it IS just an apartment -- and I can't imagine there being a place to live within 100 miles of here that would charge less than $600/mo per person. It boggles my mind, frankly ... how does anyone survive around here? And how the HECK do people afford these huge "tract mansions" being built all over the place? "Single family homes from the low 800's!" Goooood GRAVY!

In the secret news, today I really wish I had a [CENSORED] here, for the purpose of [CENSORED], [CENSORED], and [CENSORED]. It would just be very comforting. Unfortunately, I don't see any chance of that happening any time soon, given that I'm [CENSORED].

But it's okay, y'know?

-The Gneech :)

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