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My Little LotRO, My Little LotRO

When I mentioned to various #twitterponies that LotRO was having a "Galloping Gala," I apparently knocked down the last bit of resistance they had to joining the game. Suddenly half of the core players are installing LotRO and creating characters! XD

Well, that suits me fine. :) I'm always happy to have company. But I didn't realize I was going to be such a trendsetter. XD

However, these are casual players, not Tolkien nerds, so I couldn't really just recommend that they sign up with the Valar Guild. Instead I started a My Little Pony-themed kinship with one of my lowbie alts. I mean, really, why not, right? ;)

Of all my characters, really Lachwen should be in the new kinship, seeing as how she's basically "Rainbow Dash as a LotRO character." But I already pulled one alt out of the Valar Guild to beef up Celestia's Finest and don't really want to do any more of that.

I have no idea how long these new players will last-- people who join on a whim often leave on a whim as well-- but I certainly hope a few folks like it and want to stay. :)

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