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Slowly Becoming Myself Again

There's a whole lot of miscellaneous stuff built up, which I'm just going to write down as I think of it, but it's all stuff that's been in or near my mind lately and I want to address here.

On top of all of the stuff associated with Sandy, we were already busy. laurie_robey is getting training this week and then has some fairly hefty surgery in a couple of weeks that will knock her for a loop for a period of unknown duration but measured in weeks. During that time, I'll be doing anything and everything around the house that involves leaning over or pushing, pulling, or lifting anything heavier than five pounds, as well as the driving, the shopping, etc.

Of course, right in the middle of that is AnthroCon. Also right in the middle of that, I've unexpectedly been asked to be on a panel at BroNYCon, which kinda came out of the blue at me. The night before BroNYCon, however, Laurie and I will be at WolfTrap with my mum, watching Pirates of Penzance, meaning I'll have to get up in the Whee! hours to get to the con in time for my panel. I was originally looking at going up with Natasha and Quilly, but they're going on Friday, so that's kind of out. I might just drive myself, I dunno.

A few of you have noticed there hasn't been any Short Story Geeks podcast recently. We do actually have one recorded, it's been sitting on my hard drive for a month? Two months? But I haven't had the oomph to get to it. I'm thinking of just calling that one a "lost episode" and gathering the guys to record a fresh one, but probably not until July, when my schedule opens up again a bit.

Speaking of opening schedules, there is a moderate chance that I will be cutting back to 30 hours/week at my day job. This is wonderful for my free time-- but not so great for the finances. If that happens, I will have to start actually doing things like taking commissions and doing freelance work on the side. It might be a Grand Thing, or it might be Some Scary Shit... this has not been determined.

Oh! Speaking of commissions and AnthroCon and such, I'm thinking of doing some prints of the "Pony Vs. Dalek" series to take to AC. Good idea? Y/N I'm a little worried that the market will be flooded with ponies and that particular bubble might be getting ready to burst. But at the same time, I don't really have anything else new to take. It's not exactly been a good year for me, creatively speaking. I dunno.

Also, re: cons, the time has come to say we are officially skipping Dragon*Con this year. I shall probably also not be at Further Confusion in January. Is it wrong of me to resent the fact that you have to plan for cons nine months ahead any more? I miss being able to decide a month before to get a table. -.-

Anything else? *thinks*

Hmm. I can't think of anything at the moment. If something else comes to me, I'll let you know. Do you have any questions for me?

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