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Banana Pudding II: Electric Boogaloo

Today was spent in HTML 5 training, which was fun; but for some peculiar reason, I hit a big ol' wall when I got home and crashed. Nap + dinner gave me just enough energy to make a second attempt at banana pudding, then my energy flagged again and all I had energy to do was run around LotRO with my lowbie champ.

In case you didn't hear the saga of the banana pudding, a few weeks ago I tried to make some, using the recipe on a box of pudding. It basically consisted of 20 vanilla wafers, 2.5 cups of pudding, three bananas, and a package of Cool Whip.

In order to add a little flourish, I used French Vanilla Cool Whip, a seasonal flavor currently in the stores, as well as adding a few liberal dashes of cinnamon.

French Vanilla Cool Whip, in case you don't know, tastes exactly like a Yankee Candle Store.

Anyway! My first attempt, was not so hot. There was nowhere near enough pudding, and way too much of everything else. It was sorta like eating banana slices in Cool Whip, which could be good if that's what you're looking for-- hantamouse said of it, "Taken on its own merits, it's good, as long as you completely forget about the context of it supposedly being banana pudding."

So tonight I just doubled the pudding, added a few more vanilla wafers to accommodate the larger dish, and left all the rest of the portions the same. Net result? Better. Not perfect, but better. I'm thinking a deeper, narrower dish, four bananas instead of three, and half a package of Cool Whip next time. You can at least tell it's banana pudding, this time, which is an improvement.

In any case... now of course it's bedtime, and so of course, I'm wide awake. I missed being able to hang out with the #TwitterPonies today, and I resent not having the energy to do art tonight after I was looking forward to it during the day all day. But the world is what it is, not what you or I would have of it, so I'll just have to get over it. Maybe tomorrow will go more to plan.

Speaking of which... goodnight world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)

-The Gneech
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