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Oh Dear Thirty (Or, The Monday Morning Gneech Report)

So here we are, wide awake in the lightening pre-dawn hours, preparing to take my better half in to the hospital for a day of fun, frolic, and organ removal. Whee!

For myself, it promises to be a day of mostly thumb-twiddling, so my plan is to take the iPad and the keyboard and try to (Gasp!) actually do some writing, which has been something that has been more honored in the breach than the practice lately.

Oh! Speaking of writing, did I tell you that "Blackbird Singing In the Dead of Night" is up for an award? O.o It totally is! I've been nominated and made it through to the last round of voting for a Cóyotl award "Recognizing Excellence in Anthropomorphic Literature." Pretty sweet! ^.^ The voting is open, if you'd like to go put in your $0.02 worth. :)

I also did a fair amount of art work (i.e., work related to art, not necessarily "artwork") this weekend, once the computer was semi-functional. The only visible bit of it that I can show right now is this badge for @mlp_AppleJack of the #TwitterPonies, but if all goes well I should have portfolios of "Pony vs. Dalek" available at AC. (I won't be selling stuff at BroNYCon, sorry, although if you're going to BroNYCon and want to buy something ahead of time for me to deliver, shoot me a note and we can work something out.)

Anyway, that's all for now, gotta get going. Have a good day, internet!

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