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I Love This Printer! XD

Okay, it isn't often that I go "Squee!" over a piece of computer hardware. In fact, I'm usually a lot more likely to go "#&$@!!!" over a piece of computer hardware. But this thing is a major exception.

The thing in question is an Epson Stylus NX430, which I picked up for $60 at Best Buy (on sale for Memorial Day , the normal price is usually closer to $100). This thing is small but fierce. O.o On the high-quality print setting and on photo paper, the output is gorgeous and (to me, at least) barely discernible from pro printing. It also scans at 300 dpi, which will be a very handy thing to have at convention tables.

But both of those, cool as they are, are not the really cool bit. The really cool bit is that it can connect via WiFi to the iPad, and via the iPad to Google Docs (or the iCloud). This means that I can basically scan straight to, or print straight from Google Docs, thus having print-on-demand for whatever prints I might want to have at the con.

This, IMO, is sweeeeet. :) Finally, an artifact of the future that's as awesome as advertised!

Its portability is a bit limited; I'd pretty much stick with cons I was driving to for it. But even so, that's AC and Intervention at the very least.

And $60. Dude.

-The Gneech
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