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Penn Avenue... Walk Sign Is On to Cross, Penn Avenue

Here we are at the end of the first day of AC 2012... it's been a long day! I started by packing my clothes (including ironing my shirts-- I love these cotton bermuda shirts, but they have to be ironed EVERY FREAKIN' TIME) and getting the last of my stuff together. Once sirfox got to the house, we loaded up the car, said our "See you later!"s to laurie_robey, hit Office Despot and Best Buy for some last-minute supplies, then made a quick dash over to Sirfie's sister's place to pick up some stuff he'd left there, giving me the opportunity to meet Justina's poochies. A very friendly pair of Westies. :)

Then, it was on the road for a long, long, time. It was a beautiful drive, mostly birght and sunny and relatively few idiots on the road, but that didn't alter the fact that it took us until 4:00 to get into Pittsburgh. The Gods of Timing smiled on us, arranging it so that confusedoo got to the hotel just after we did, and somewhere in the midst of all that we were joined by Fuzzwolf. Before any of us quite realized what had happened, we all had our badges and were grabbing dinner at August Henry's (nom!).

We followed that up with schlepping a load of stuff over to the dealer room and doing some initial setup. I'm not sure how I feel about the room yet. It's huge, like OMG huge, but it's only actually 20 more tables, meaning that we're spread out over a loooooot of space. I have a real fear I'm going to get lost in all that. (So please, if you're at the con, come find me! I need some friendly folks to talk to! ;) )

After a failed attempt to hit CVS ("Whattya mean 'closed at 7:00'???"), we repaired to the Zoo, where we spent the rest of the evening doing warm-up sketching and hanging out a bit. frostdemn brought around his little remote-controlled tank with AJ on top and I did a sketch of that (which I'll post when I get home, probably). I also saw T'Chall, Exatron, Colley (who got a surprise @DrWhooves badge that seemed to please him), Jim Groat dressed as The Dude from Big Lebowski, and several other esteemed folks.

Kerry, HantaMouse, Graveyard Greg, and Vince were all sorely missed, of course and there is a strangely empty feeling to the con without them, but I expect to be seeing Natasha Softpaw, SwiftFox, and others over the next few days, which will hopefully make up for it.

The one big downer, was that two of the panels I was really interested in, happened tonight, which I was completely not expecting, and so I completely missed them. I suppose it's my own fault for not carefully checking the schedule when it first came out (or at least before getting here), but it's never been an issue before. Thursday at AC has traditionally been "Get there, get room, get registered, look through the schedule to figure out what you're going to do on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday." Panels on Thursday? That's just crazy talk!

Similarly, the other panel I'm interested in, "The Philosophy of Cute," is tomorrow exactly opposite the first hour the dealer room is open. (Really, AnthroCon? Are you doing this to me deliberately?) So I have a real tough choice tomorrow-- abandon my post for a panel I'm really interested in, or miss the panel in order to hopefully grab some business during that first hour? It's tough call... one I suspect I'll still be wrestling with tomorrow at 11:30.

Anyhoo, it's after midnight now, and sleep would be a really good idea. So, g'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)

-The Gneech
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