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So a gal was approached by a creepy guy at AnthroCon; gal chose to be polite and mostly non-confrontational, guy chose to be creepy. Yesterday, gal wrote a blog post about the event, detailing the creepy guy as a warning to other gals who may have been similarly creeped at.

Since then, gal’s post got linked to on 4chan and lulz.net, which apparently mobilized hordes of knuckle-dragging scumsuckers to mock and harass her, effectively bullying her into removing the post and generally creating a “you better keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you, girlie” environment. As a result, she’s now gone quiet about it, and creepy guy is still out there, creeping.

This must not stand.

Creepy guy does not appear to have been an AC attendee, but gal was, and we should be protecting our own. Not only in the case of the incident (’cause even the Dorsai, love ‘em, can’t be everywhere at once), but also when she tries to tell everyone what happened and spread the word.

I’m not posting gal’s name here, because if she feels threatened she’s entitled to her anonymity. But we need to create an environment where gal is the one who is safe and protected by the social fabric, and creepy guys are the ones who get shamed and harassed.

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-The Gneech

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Jun. 20th, 2012 10:03 pm (UTC)
Problem is that the situation the person found themselves in did not allow an immediate escape and if I recall correctly it was post con as this person and other traveling companions were leaving.

My suggestion is that the person file a report with the police and hopefully they could then get security camera footage of the area involved. If the creepy person has a record and/or is a sexual offender what was reported should be enough to put them away.

Best approach for anyone is to always have backup and an action/escape plan in place. But even the best of all plans can fail. In short we need to keep eyes open for each other before, during and after a con.

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