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My Star Trek Rant

Because a few people have asked for me to explain my stance, here it is in a nutshell, c/o IM chat with graveyardgreg...

graveyardgreg: I agree with your journal except for one thing...
the_gneech: Hmmm?
graveyardgreg: I liked the new Star Trek movie. ;_;
the_gneech: I am afraid, that is something on which we will never agree. That movie was the last nail in the long, slowly-dying coffin of the once-awesome Star Trek franchise.
graveyardgreg: Sorry to break it to you, but Star Trek is alive and well now thanks to that movie. We shall have to agree to disagree. And I'm not sure if I agree to that! XD
the_gneech: It's not just a matter of "I didn't enjoy it." Thematically, philosophically, Star Trek as it exists now is pretty much the antithesis of what made it great originally.
graveyardgreg: Pray, do continue.
the_gneech: Star Trek was about scientists, explorers, nerds. In the show, Kirk was a giant nerd in college, regularly harassed by classmates for being a walking library and working hard. Not a snotty attitude who was handed everything on a silver platter for being the resident pretty boy.
graveyardgreg: Now, see, I never knew that. So that's why it didn't bother me.
the_gneech: Abrams' Star Trek was a stupid, plotless, explodey movie. Even the rubber science of the original Star Trek was -about- sceince.
graveyardgreg: So you don't like it because it was an action film. I can dig it.
the_gneech: It was an action film that made Kirk, one of my lifetime heroes, into an arrogant asshole.
the_gneech: In the show, Kirk was a man of action, but also knowledge and compassion.
the_gneech: Not just the resident alpha male.
graveyardgreg: Alright. Thanks for explaining your hate. You're sure to join the Dark Side anyway, but at least now I understand your motives before I have to fight you in front of the Emperor.
the_gneech: It's not hate of the suck. It's love of the once-great.

I think that pretty much covers it. I mean, there are other aspects, too-- for instance, the crew of the Enterprise were certainly experts in their field, but there weren't Superhuman Wunderkinds by any stretch. The Enterprise was just one ship in a whole fleet of such experts. (They weren't even the flagship-- that was the Constitution.)

But my biggest gripe is the anti-intellectual, instant-gratification nature of Abrams' Trek. Original Star Trek's message: "Be smart, work hard, show compassion, and you will hopefully succeed. You may have to fight along the way, but it's a last resort." Current Star Trek's message: "You're due what you want, because you want it. Cheat if you have to. If that doesn't work, punch things."


-The Gneech
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