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When Normal Is Awesome

I'm back at my desk.

I'm wearing a tie.

Today I have to finish a web page about an embarrassingly biological function, in Spanish, for a government health agency.

It is, in all respects, what would have once been for me a "normal" day.

Suburban Jungle by The Gneech for August 26, 2005

Why is this awesome?

Because it means nobody in my immediate circle is dead or dying.

Nobody is prepping for, going into, or recovering from major surgery.

Nobody's house has burned down, car has wrecked, or beloved pet has gone missing.

There aren't tornadoes or earthquakes bearing down on me.

It's... an ordinary day. A wonderful, boring, ordinary day.

Let's rock.

-The Gneech
Tags: gneech news, suburban jungle, the internet is forever
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