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And Now... to Lurk

BroNYCon has been fun and I'm glad I came, but I'm pretty much done. So I've found a table with a handy view at the "T" of a major intersection, and here I shall lurk until further notice and work on some commissions. I can see approximately 60% of the con from here (one advance of it being all in one big room. I'm also staring at the back of Tara Strong's head as she does "autograph walk" duty. At least I think it's Tara Strong. It might be Andrea Libman. Hard to tell without seeing her face. But whichever one it is, that's definitely the back of her head.

Anyhow! The con has been pretty much everything I expected, for better or worse. It was much fun meeting so many other #TwitterPonies, as well as seeing some familiar faces. There was nothing much in the way of schwag I wanted to get-- being both an artist and cheap, anything I might really want I could probably make myself, but I sat in on the voice acting panel, which was cool and fun, and the "Meet Lauren Faust" panel. She's a very cool lady. :)

Anyway, time to get some work done. MARKERS! COME TO ME NOW!

Tags: comics and art, conventions, mlpfim
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