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World of WhatNow?

As a general rule, I like my fantasy played very straight; so when I'm in the mood to step into a virtual fantasy setting, my setting of choice is Lord of the Rings Online, which for the most part does a very good job of visualizing Middle Earth's "the real world (specifically Europe) in some forgotten pre-historic epoch" setting.

However, there are times when I'm in a mood for something a little more fantastical, with blasty wizards and glowy swords and blue hair and people riding around on shimmering frilled lizards. Then I play Star Wars. I created Lachwen in LotRO to fill that void, but the problem is that she's not really at home in that setting. So, since World of Warcraft is FTP up to level 20 and I knew sirfox was a WoW player, I downloaded it and created a Draenei mage, named Akijo.

Akijo under a really fancy chandelier.

She's a perty thing. :) I got her up to level 9 (I think it was) before deciding I'd had enough for the night. It was fun, pretty standard click-and-pointy stuff, and certainly very colorful. :D I can't really say if I enjoyed it enough to make it worth paying for once it stops being FTP. I have a paid lifetime account on LotRO and I don't play that as much as I used to these days. On the other hand, it was just different enough to be an enjoyable diversion. (Plus there was a pirate cook named Cookie McWeaksauce, that was good for a chuckle.)

It's definitely candy to LotRO steak, but sometimes candy is what you want. :)

-The Gneech
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