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'cos Everything Changes (Whu-Ooooaaooh!)

Just finished another session of jamesbarrett's Pathfinder game (in which I play my "Rarity-as-drow-bard" character Obsidian). Our current adventure is a rather mysterious intrigue affair involving peculiar events at a large agricultural complex (essentially an enormous farm run by four different families of competing houses). The previous session was mostly a collection of odd events that didn't parse, but this session we finally worked out that there are a pair of dopplegangers working some sort of scheme, and that there are some elements related to a large dark cult that we tangled with in a previous adventure which may more may not factor into the dopplegangers' scheme. It's certainly a very different sort of adventure from the kind jamesbarrett typically runs, and we're enjoying it quite a bit. It's also a type of adventure Obsidian is well suited for, having a slew of knowledge and social skills but being little more than a lead weight in combat.

When the other players got to our house, they were all mystified (or at least surprised) by our rearranging of furniture, although it's actually rather minor so far compared to what's still to come. Tomorrow I am ordering my new art-table-cum-computer-desk, and we are going to start working on making a place for it. It will replace my current OMG huge drafting table which, as much as I love it, is freakin' ginormous and takes a lot more space than it has any reason to.

(If you are somewhere in the area and have use for a 5'x3' drafting table, let me know, I am looking to sell it.)

To make room for the new arrangement, at least one old desk is going to the curb, one 6' long hutch is probably going to be mothballed (somewhere), a lot of my old gaming books are going to be eBayed or otherwise disposed of, and a lot junk needs going through, sorting out, and disposing of. So that's going to be a big project over the next few weeks, interspersed with that commission I need to finish for Foalpapers and just the general stuff of life.

Finally, going along the theme of "everything changes," I got a new haircut today of a style I've never tried. Whattya think?

Crrrsh! There goes the monitor.

-The Gneech
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