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The Bucket Post

(So named because it's just a bunch of stuff tossed in.)

Art Stuff

Is it weird that I feel more guilty about not working on Foalpapers' commish last night, than I do about whole days at work where I didn't get anything done because my brain was in a fog? I guess that's the difference between a "vocation" and a "job." On the other hand, it would be nice to have a vocation that paid the bills.

I see artists on DA or similar sites who post one, two, five+ pieces of art daily, and I gotta wonder how the hell they're doing that. Granted, my Scrivener's Palsy slows me down, but not that much. To produce that volume of output I'd have to be drawing 12+ hours a day... instead of the "two hours when I'm very fortunate" schedule I have now. (I have been posting more art recently than I generally have in days past, but that has come largely from cutting out most other leisure pursuits.) This particular pic I'm working on for Foaly, I think I may need to take a break on and draw something else, because I'm starting to get bogged down in it. Like I've said before, it's such a big project that I need to break it into smaller pieces or I'm going to feel overwhelmed.

Speaking of posting like crazy, on DeviantArt I'm following something like ten groups of various diverse types and a pretty significant number of individual artists. You know which one updates the most, by a wide margin? The MLP group. Holy cow. For every one or two posts made elsewhere, the MLP group posts 50. It's nuts. I keep hoping for an active "Legend of Korra" group, but only modest luck so far. I'd also really, really like an active juried furry art group, but as far as I know there isn't one of those, either. (There are juried furry art groups, but they're small and starving.)


LiveJournal's RSS feed service is, well, clunky and half-baked. So over the past week or so I've started shifting all of the RSS feeds I consume off of my friends list and over to Google Reader, which updates promptly and is a lot less prone to forgetting to consume feeds for weeks at a time. Doing this has been great for catching up on the RSS feeds I follow... but disastrous to my LJ friends list. Since my page was full of RSS posts, I didn't actually realize just how much of a ghost town it was becoming out there, which leads me to the question, "Where IS everybody?"

Even given that social media has balkanized into a bizillion little rabbit holes, I've got a clone of myself down most of those holes, and they're all searching for people too. Did blogging just ride off into the sunset? Do I just suck at finding active communities? Or has the easy-to-add "comments" section on every web page in existence killed forums as a "general hangout" kind of place?

-The Gneech
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