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Not-So-Sweet Tooth

A strange side-effect of my diet changes over the past month: when I do eat or drink something sweet, it tastes WAAAY SWEETER than it used to. This morning I found myself wondering who put so much sugar into my bottled frappuccino.

I knew this was the case with salt-- it's a well-documented fact that the level of saltiness you taste in food is completely trained (and can be re-trained over the course of a few weeks), and I personally tend to find most pre-prepared foods way too salty. But it came as a complete surprise to me that the same thing should happen with sugar.

On the whole, that's a good thing. Since sugar is one of the key offenders in my health (or lack thereof), anything that causes me to want less of it is welcome. It also makes it much easier to eat one piece of chocolate (or have one cookie) and be satisfied, rather than just gobbling down half the box.

-The Gneech

PS: No workout report for today, 'cause after all the heaving and toting and such we did building the art table last night, laurie_robey and I mutually agreed that the workout should shift to tomorrow.


Aug. 3rd, 2012 12:10 am (UTC)
Here's a suggestion:

Take empty frappuchino bottle. slice off the label, toss it thru the dishwasher.

Next morning:

Take clean bottle. Take frappuchino bottle out of fridge, pour half into clean bottle. Fill both up the rest of the way with milk, (skim or lowfat, preferably) cap, mix well, and try that.

If it's palatable, you save yourself both money, and calories from fat & sugar.

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