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I just got back from my physical exam and apparently I passed it because I'm still here. The doctor's scale, once you account for the fact that "doctor's office scales weigh heavy" (the doc's words, not mine), more or less agrees with the current average from Skippy the Wonder Scale... for whatever that's worth. :D

Being an election year here, and also because the collective mind of the country is on such matters, there's a lot of politics going on around me, which I'm going to make an effort to spare my readers from for the most part. I do have opinions and some pretty strong ones on the current candidates and issues, but as I've mentioned before it doesn't usually achieve anything to go on about them.

I will however, make exceptions for particularly salient points or things which may sum up my feelings on a topic better than I can myself. One such instance is an essay that came to my attention called Aesop to the Right: Why I Believe Bristol Palin, which rang out like a clear bell to me this morning:

I know you may not feel this way, but remember:
  • It’s not illegal to be a conservative Christian in any state, never was, and never will be, thanks to the Constitution. Until a Supreme Court ruling 2003, gay sex was actually illegal in many states.

  • Conservative Christians enjoy the full equality and protection of the law, including marriage and employment protections. You can’t be fired for being a Christian. I can be fired for being gay. [...]

  • Conservative Christians may get “bashed” in the media. LGBT people get actually, literally bashed, sometimes to death. It’s an epidemic and it’s on the rise. [...]

  • Conservative Christians form a powerful, organized, well-funded voting bloc that has helped to keep marriage equality and other equal rights provisions off the table for LGBT people in many states.

As a person who identifies as both gay and Christian, I do understand that Christians can sometimes face social sanction. I will recognize that being a Christian isn’t always easy and that it hurts when municipalities level consequences at people who speak their minds. I certainly understand.

Did you know that Tennessee introduced a bill making it illegal even say the word “gay” in public schools? Yes. I understand.

But it’s important for you to recognize that there is a vast difference between facing ridicule or even occasional civic rejection, and facing systematic social and political inequality. There is a vast difference between being told you’re superstitious or old-fashioned and being told you’re an abomination that doesn’t deserve to live. There’s a vast difference between being told you’re acting hateful and being told God hates you.

I’ve been gay and Christian all my life. Trust me: Christian is easier. It’s not even close.

(NOTE: [...] indicates that links to the essay's sources have been removed from the quote.)

So, yeah. Fair warning, as the election season warms up, I will probably be a little more talky on such subjects than I usually am. But only when I am pretty sure that it's something actually worth saying. You're welcome to disagree with me on any given topic, but I'd recommend you do it in your own LJ or other soapbox of choice, because I'm not likely to be interested in debating it here.

(Factual data, on the other hand, is always open for correction. If you spot any errors, please let me know.)

In other news! Mood is fine again; Monday night/Tuesday morning, as bad as they were, appear to have been a blip. My guess is it was screwed up sleep from the weekend, combined with anticipatory stress related to deadlines looming, the coming weekend's trip to Tidewater, and possibly a little PTSD from the traffic accident.

Speaking of the traffic accident, we have our own car back now and all is well. Hopefully that's something we've seen the last of.

My new drawing-table-cum-desk is set up and seems to be working well. I've been drawing on it for a week (mostly ponies, but still it's drawing!) and having the tilted surface definitely makes it much more comfortable. The only real problem I'm having with it right now is finding a comfortable setup for extended typing. Something about the keyboard drawer, I keep ending up with the keyboard shifted 1/2" up and to the right of where I want it. Once that's fixed, I'll be in a happy place for letting loose the creative fires. :)

And finally, I leave you with this thought:


I think there's a lesson there for all of us.

-The Gneech
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