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State of the Gneech

This weekend was spent mostly playing Borderlands 2, with periodic fits of running errands, visiting friends, and watching Doctor Who. Despite my misgivings about being able to run a gung-ho game, Borderlands does keep nudging at an idea I had long ago and trying to get me to do something with it. On Sunday I wrote about three pages of background material for a potential campaign that draws a lot of inspiration from Borderlands, mixed with 50 Fathoms of all the peculiar things. It is, to say the least, a major bit of reskinning, but it can be done.

I'd rant about what an inconsistent butterfly my creative mind is, but... you all know this already. I'll keep you informed if anything actually comes of it. ;P

Having reached level 20 in Borderlands 2 and gotten to what I assume is the meat of the game, what's my overall opinion? It's fun, has an interesting setting and a lot of clever writing. But it also has way too many trash mobs and respawns. I spend a lot of my time wishing I could stop shooting things and get back to the plot, which is not a happy place for a FPS to be. (Of course, that may be more of a reflection on me than on the game, however.) I don't mind telling you, I could happily live without ever seeing another constructor bot or badass thresher again. :P

Anyway, so, that was my weekend. This week (besides work): start work on those Ghostbusters minis.

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