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The Gaming Must Flow

So there's going to be a bit of changeup in my gaming plans for the upcoming weeks/months. There's a reason I keep my plans fluid in this regard! But I've got to follow my muse wherever it wishes to go, or it will simply stop taking me along.

My plan was to run another Ghostbusters adventure soonish, follow that up with the long-awaited return to my Doorstopper Fantasy Pathfinder campaign "The Fortress of Tears," and then bounce back and forth between those between bouts of jamesbarrett's regular Pathfinder to give me a GMing break.

However! Borderlands 2 has lit a fire in my brain that refuses to go out, so I'm going to have to indulge it. I recently picked up 50 Fathoms, which is basically a completely-written-and-ready-to-run Savage Worlds campaign in a book (really, it's that amazing-- the SW "Plot Points" model is really cool), and it won't take that much reskinning to make it work as an insane gung-ho SF/post-apocalyptey game, especially if I lift the good parts out of the Gamma World stuff I bought but is languishing on my shelf (of which, admittedly, there isn't actually that much).

That said, jamesbarrett has held his own Pathfinder game hostage, saying he won't run any more of his until I run more "Fortress of Tears" (which is fair enough, I hold my games hostage at him the same way). On top of which, I want to have the Ghostbusters minis finished before I run it again, and I'm having a bit of a mental block on one of the campaign elements I've been trying to work in, even though I have the next scenario mostly figured out.

That gives me the problem of having three different things that need some prep work before they'll be ready to go. So I can already tell I will not be ready to run anything this weekend (and will be out of town the weekend after that)-- so no gaming for two weeks, alas. On the other hand, knowing that I won't be running anything for two weeks takes some pressure off. So I can spend the next couple of weeks bouncing back and forth between painting GB minis, coming up with the loretastic stuff needed for the Fortress of Tears, and working up the gung-ho game, without ever getting guilt that I "should be working on X when I want to be working on Y." (This "get sudden enthusiasm for something else and get guilty about it" is a thing my brain does specifically to stifle my productivity and piss me off. It may try to respond to this counter-attack by trying not to be interested in anything at all, but I'm pretty sure I've got its number at the moment.)

So right now the new tentative plan is "Fortress of Tears" on Oct 27th for however many sessions it takes to get through the next scenario, which will hopefully be followed by jamesbarrett's Pathfinder in early November, and then the gung-ho game. 'tis a bummer to think it will be months before the next Ghostbusters session, but there's a very finite number of Saturdays so we have to do the best we can.

(That said, if jamesbarrett wants to surprise me with some Pathfinder for my birthday, I won't complain!)

-The Gneech
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