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Monday Morning Report

A successive progression of strange dreams this morning, mostly around the theme of old movies and TV shows, specifically The Green Berets, Rat Patrol, Best of the West, and finally Tim Burton's Batman. Mixed into this mess was the usual "dream I've already gotten out of bed" trick my brain does to avoid actually getting out of bed, and a random vignette that featured Drezzer Wolf attempting to sketch a picture of Conrad. Hey there, fellas, what brings you around?

Anyway! Many thanks all around for the birthday wishes this past weekend... alas, I can no longer make "ultimate question" jokes about my age. From here my age doesn't become interesting again until 69, which fortunately is a ways off. :P I spent the weekend mostly painting miniatures: one of the Ghostbusters is finished, two more are close, and the other two are somewhere in the first pass still. In this batch of minis I've also been doing a lot of my old Doctor Who minis that have been sitting in a drawer needing to be painted, some assorted random monsters, and minis for the Fortress of Tears campaign. It's so rare that I have both the time and the drive to paint miniatures, that I tend to do a dozen at once, but that actually works out well because I can rotate through them as I go, working on minis B and C while the paint on mini A is drying.

The weekend spent aggressively doing nothing was deliberate: this coming week will be a big one-- not as stressfully "Everything is happening!" as last week, hopefully, but still big. While work decided to explode and go nuts on us, we have been in the midst of what will hopefully be a very advantageous home refi, which has been both hairy and scary; we are also getting new insulation, new gutters, and getting the back door re-hung. We got an estimate on having the house painted, but have decided to punt on that. Oh, and I'm getting yet another crown, which will hopefully be the last of my major dental work for a while. laurie_robey's been dealing with her own health issues, which are not as cut-and-dried as a crown on her tooth, nor immediately serious, but still annoying and stress-inducing.

On top of all that, mammallamadevil has been going through crises of her own, and I feel bad that we haven't been able to be more helpful with that while we were scrambling to deal with everything life was throwing at us. I intend to fix that this week. Kerry has come through for us plenty in the past and it's time for us to return the favor!

So... that's why it's been pretty quiet here. My sporadic posts about gaming have largely been me bleeding off steam by taking breaks to think about stuff that wasn't work-home-health. Once we get through this week, assuming no more 16-ton weights are thrown at us, we should be back on our much more regular even keel.

So let's go! *goes*

-The Gneech
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