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Time Slime, Slime, Slime!

"Good job, Multi-Man!"

I'm not sure where last week went, I seem to have been in some sort of fugue state during the whole thing. Or possibly just half-asleep. Either way, it went like "Whoosh!" and the only way I know it happened at all is by the paper trail and the vapor trail.

The weekend was spent mostly with the in-laws, where we successfully avoided talking about politics despite the best efforts of certain corners. They were quite generous with birthday gifts however, for which I'm grateful. :) We also ate a lot of shrimp. ;)

The most interesting bits of the past week and weekend for me have mostly been involved with gaming stuff-- specifically, I now have 3/5 Ghostbusters minis finished and expect to finish the rest between now and Wednesday, at which point I intend to take a bunch of photos and post a "how I did it" story about them. I think they're pretty snazzy, considering my "perennial newbie" status in regard to mini-craft. They're not showpieces, but for tabletop play they're quite nice.

I also made some progress on the next Fortress of Tears scenario as well as painting sirfox's mini for same, and continued plugging away on my new idea for Savage Worlds, which I'm quite excited about. I think this has the potential to be written up and published as a proper Plot Point Campaign, and I've started allocating mental resources and long-term ideas accordingly. I'd have to connect with Pinnacle and find out the appropriate licensing info, etc., but it might be a good project for Kickstarter.

Anyway! That was the week that was. There were also some highly-traumatic medical/health things that I don't want to relive (but is resolved now thankfully) and a lot of "stuff that adults have to think about" that I'm also just as happy to be done with. Suffice to say that our house/financial stuff is carrying on satisfactorily and things are generally okay with us.

And now, back to the bit factory. Catcha later, everyone!

-The Gneech
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