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In Other News, the Other News Is Good For a Change

Yesterday was a bad day for me. No getting around it. I didn't sleep properly the night before and I should have called in sick but didn't, leading to a day of sheer pain at work.

However, that had the unexpected benefit of making me so tired that I had no choice but sleep last night-- and sleep I did. That proverbial rock people are always sleeping like? From now on, it sleeps like me. And this morning I woke up at 5:45, as close to bright-eyed and bushy tailed as you'll ever see me.

It's... an odd feeling. But I'll happily take today over yesterday!

In the process of all this industrial-strength sleeping, I had a dream about starting on NeverNever Book Three, which (had the strip continued) was going to start revealing explanations of why Excalibur manifested and chose Arthur, as well as how the Arcadians fit into it all. Although I don't actually have any plans to resurrect NeverNever any time soon, it was a very good feeling to have my muse doing anything considering how much of a mess she's been lately.

If I was going to do anything, it would be with Verity and Tanya, and indeed the muse has been simmering on those two for the past few weeks, even though I've said little about it. I think a lot of the energy from the Coventry inspiration has been spilling over, which is more than a little appropriate. I expect I'll end up tossing most of the background stuff I've come up with for V&T so far, but that's okay-- the first draft is supposed to be crap. I want to create the thing that my muse wants to create-- it's just a matter of figuring out what that is.

The Other News

In other news, the other news is good for a change! My mom is out of the rehab place and comfortably housed with my sister for the time being; motion is slowly but perceptibly returning to her left arm and she's looking hale and hearty compared to how she generally has been lately. Another friend of mine who's been fighting a very serious illness is improving and by all reports was due to go home from the hospital yesterday. I need to follow up and find out how she's doing. Finally, hantamouse it seems has jumped through all the necessary hoops to get the promotion he's been angling for-- which means he'll be able to keep his house!

I'm liking this "good news" trend. Let's keep going with that.

So all in all, life is on the upswing right now. I'll take it. Thanks, life!

-The Gneech

PS: "Sissypunk" needs to be a thing.
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