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Shortest Round of Counseling Evar

Since September-ish(?) I've been in counseling for a particularly deep depression that hit me some time in late 2011 or so and was really bad earlier this summer. This particular counselor was recommended to me by my chiropractor, and even though there haven't been that many sessions, she has been very helpful.

Today, by mutual assessment that I was in a good and happy place, I brought the round of counseling to a close. My grief has been processed, my stress has been largely reduced, my creative energy is up. In short, I'm better. ^.^

Depression is never completely defeated of course, and there's no telling when I might go into another round. If that happens, I can always go back. But for right now, my mental health is good, and I'm a happy Gneech.

I'll take it!

-The Gneech
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