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The Penultimate Badass

As you probably know, I've been playing the hell out of Borderlands 2 over the past several months, pretty much since its release in late September. And over the past two weeks, it has been pretty much my only leisure activity, largely because I haven't had the mental bandwidth to do anything more complex than "send pixels to blow up other pixels."

This weekend I reached 50 with my siren, after finishing the main campaign and all the optional missions I could, plus all of the current DLCs, in regular mode, then the first two DLCs (Captain Scarlett and Mister Torgue) in True Vault Hunter Mode, and finally powering through a second play of the main campaign in TVHM. I am now at the last mission, the assault on Hero's Pass and the subsequent battle with both Handsome Jack and The Warrior; when those are complete, if I understand things correctly, the game will reset (again) so that all areas are level 50 and the game is pretty much "finished" except for the boss raids and any loot farming you might want to do.

I'll tell you this: although it's not the hardest thing I've done in the game, getting through Fyrestone and particularly the Hyperion Info Stockade is no cakewalk at level 50 in TVHM. Saturn will mess you up, and even if he doesn't, those multiple Badass Constructor 2.0s (yes, there are multiples) sure as heck will. Make sure you have a corrosive bazooka on hand.

So... one story mission left; it's a bit of a wistful moment for me. With some teammates it would be fun to go back and do all those optional missions scattered across the landscape in TVHM at level cap, but until and unless sirfox and jbarrett get their vault hunters up to 50, it leaves me little to do but wait for the next DLC. I'm not about to go wandering around trying to solo raid bosses (there are those who can and do, I'm not of the mindset), although I might go and farm some landscape bosses for particular items. I could also go back and finish Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt in TVHM but... meh. That was acceptable in regular mode when I was way OP for it... doing in on level just doesn't seem like it would be much fun.

I could start another character of course, but right now I'm just not interested in any of the available options. The mechromancer would be my next choice, but her My Little Pony skill trees are a shade too twee and put me off. The commando, the gunzerker, and the assassin just hold no interest for me. Supposedly a new character class is in the works, presumably to come with the next round of DLC, but until I see what (and who) the character is, there's nothing to do but wait for that, as well.

Oh well! I did get a copy of the original Borderlands and got my feet wet taking Mordecai through that, so it's an option if I get too jonesing too much for a game. Meanwhile... I guess I'll use the time to draw instead!

-The Gneech



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Mar. 7th, 2013 03:22 am (UTC)
instead of playing Borderlands, I've been playing Dead Space 2 for my shoot em up fun. Nearly done with zealot mode. Plus, new raids and instances in Lotro means more reason to play Lotro.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 7th, 2013 04:48 am (UTC)
The character deaths in BL1 are ridiculous in BL1-- "WHYYYYY???" Good grief! At least Maya just says, "Wrong move!"

Mar. 7th, 2013 01:24 pm (UTC)
I find it hilarious that you play Maya in B2 and don't find Zer0 the Assassin interesting, but are playing through the original Borderlands with Mordecai and not Lilith. :)

To each his own! I spent over 400 hours on the first Borderlands and will probably do multiple playthroughs on the second one as well, one with each character class. At least all four of them (I don't have the DLC) interest me in this one. I could never get into Brick in the original.

Mar. 7th, 2013 02:09 pm (UTC)
From what I can tell, Zer0 is closer to Lilith than Maya is. OTOH, Mordecai = Gaige. None of the original BL characters are like Maya that I can see. The way they juggled the classes around between BL and BL2 is somewhat disguised.

I assumed that I would want to play Lilith when I started BL, but upon trying her I was less than whelmed. I'd be interested in trying Brick or Roland, but I'm not sure how the BL interface would hold up. There are all sorts of things from BL2 that I miss, particularly the mini-map and the inventory system.

And NPC voices. ;)

Mar. 7th, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
I have BL1, if you're looking for a person to play with. I've done a run of the first play with Roland, but I can always start another character for a fresh spin and the company would be nice. Maybe I'll play as Brick. Picked it up in a Steam sale in January. $7.50 for the game and all the DLC. For that price, it was well worth it.

As for Gaige, she was deliberately set up by the devs to be the easiest character to work with. Easiest mode is the Best Friends Forever tree, and hard is Organized Chaos. But once you give her a high-end Torgue shotgun and a couple hundred Anarchy stacks, she's unstoppable. "I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA!" =};-3
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