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Some Random Interesting Stuff

We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Us

Pogo, animated and voiced by Walt Kelly himself... footage from an unfinished would-be TV special, somewhere between finished product and a slideshow of keyframes. Of interest to comic strip nerds and furry historians, if not necessarily the most sparkling entertainment.

The Art of Borderlands (A Graphic Novel Approach)

A nice analysis of the art style used for Borderlands, discussing not only the Code Hunters bruhaha, but also tracing the art style's roots through Moebius and Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl).

This has also prompted some introspection from me about my own art and where I "fit" in the world, as well as what (if any) contribution I'm making or have made. No conclusions yet.

Speaking of My Work...

Maus Merryjest has drawn a very nice pic of Tiffany Tiger, check it out!

-The Gneech
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