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Rufaniel's Bucket List

It's time to do some thinking about Rufaniel's long-term plans. What do I -want- from this character?

With Maedhroc, for a long time I was something of a completionist-- do ALL the instances! Get ALL the mounts! etc. With Rufaniel, I'm sorta "been there, done that" about a lot of things. Not that she would refuse to go back to whoop Thaurlach or Thorog... again... but she's not going to seek out those particular adventures. She (and I) are looking to see new things! Or at least, things that are new to me. Which at this stage includes:

  • Isengard! I have never done an Isengard instance. What the heck is in there?

  • Finishing off some of those Mirkwood instances. I've never past the front door of the Warg Pens, for instance. These are old news for some players, I know, but I'd still like to actually see them.

  • Dragioch! This raid had just showed up right about the time I wandered off from the game and had large broken bits last I heard. Assuming those have been fixed, I'd like to see it.

On the other hand, I don't particularly care about, say, the "In Their Absence..." stuff, which never really gripped me from a story/lore-monkey standpoint. Mounted combat seemed like fun, what little of it I did, so Rufaniel will probably try to get into that a bit, too.

In the more immediate future, she has to finish off Aughaire to grab those last bits of Armor of Fem. When that's done, she'll probably be right around 45, so I have to decide... go back to the Misty Mountains and finish off Book 1 Chapter 5... or rush ahead to Eregion? (Answer, I'll probably finish the book quest, that's just my nature. But Eregion is tempting.)

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