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I Ain't 'Fraid o' No Ghost-- Staying Up 'til Midnight, That I'm Afraid Of

We got to play my much-delayed Ghostbusters campaign last night, which borrowed-but-remixed several elements from the computer game, as well as borrowing the IDW comics series' ghost great white shark into a new scenario of ghostly revenge and redemption. After the bleak cosmic horror of "Buried In a Pinebox," I wanted a lighter scenario that might almost feel like an episode of the animated series, and I think that part worked well.

What didn't work so well, was my time management. I realized we were getting a late start, but I didn't realize just how late it was, so just about the time we had the preliminaries done and were getting into the real meat of the scenario, I looked up at the clock to confirm that it was maybe 8:45 and instead it was 9:30. Aww, crud! Unfortunately, all the dithery parts of the adventure that I probably could have compressed with a little effort were at the beginning: the rest of the scenario was all crunch, which I didn't feel like I could fudge too much without the adventure feeling like it had gone pfft like a firework that doesn't go off.

So, a scenario that I had worried when I was writing it would be an hour too short, ran about an hour too long. Go fig! But the players all seemed to feel like the adventure had moved at a good pace and seemed to have fun, so stayin' up late wasn't so bad a thing. That's what weekends are for, right?

Worst thing about being an adult, is that it's an issue at all. ;P

-The Gneech
Tags: gaming, ghostbusters, roleplaying games, savage worlds
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