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Theoretically at least, my kung fu schedule is twice a week, Monday and (Wednesday or Friday). So I should be going tonight ... except I unexpectedly found myself thinking, "But if I go tonight, then I won't be able to go again until next Monday, five whole days away!"

Of course, if I don't go tonight, then it will have been five days since my last class when I go on Friday. Also, there is a belt test on Saturday afternoon that I can come in and observe, which won't be exactly like having a class, but will show me what's ahead.

I just find it interesting that so bummed by the idea of a 5-day lag between classes. I remember when I was studying Wing Chun at LifeMinders, it got to the point where the five of us were doing it every day at lunchtime, and a few times we pretty much wrote off the whole afternoon from work and practiced Wing Chun until it was time to go home. (This happened in the last days of the company, when we had no clients and were all pretty much just waiting for the pink slips.)

I also thought, "But if I go to class Friday, I can make sure that SJ gets done tonight," to which the response thought was, "Who cares about SJ, when there's kung fu class?" That took me a bit by surprise!

It's evident that this is something that I have a lot of interest in, more perhaps than even I thought I did, which is exciting. :) I wonder where this will go?

I also wonder if I'll go to class tonight or Friday. I'm guessing probably tonight.

-The Gneech

EDIT: Oh yeah, there's a snowstorm forecast for Friday. Tonight it is, then!
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