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A Dumb Fun Thing I Did

So for some reason, I've been jonesing for a Mac lately. But as many of you know, my financial situation is about to go seriously pear-shaped and I've got no business running out and buying a Mac, particularly when I've got a very nicely souped-up PC already up and running. So, instead, I did this:

my PC, Macified

Behold! My Macified PC. For no better reason than it would be fun and dumb. All it is really is judicious application of Windows theming, with Mac icons and a few bits of addon software to create the dock and the desktop widgets.

If you'd like to try it, it was all done with an installer file you can find here: least until the link rots. I recommend setting up a system restore point before you run it, just in case. The final result is not perfect, you'll have to tweak things to your liking. I changed a lot of the dock shortcuts to go to different destinations from the default, for instance.

Now all I need is to get ahold of a Mac keyboard and I'll be all set. ;)

-The Gneech
Tags: geekery, i.t., silly stuff
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