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Being Shaken Like a Chew Toy

Sorry there's been nothing posting here but my tweets for several days; laurie_robey and I have just been super-busy. The good side of that is that we're getting a lot done... the bad side is that it's mostly stuff that we'd rather not have to do.

Work has been rough; I don't want to say more than that here. I do have some "feelers" open for trying to change the situation, but it's an agonizingly slow process as everything in this business always is.

We have arranged for someone to come install a stair lift and several other safety-related items into my mom's house; we've also found a contractor to do some of the things we need to prep our own house for sale. We've looked at a couple of potential places to go, but nothing has jumped out at us as "That's it!" yet. We've started culling our stuff as well, which I'm frankly not happy about. We have some clutter that I don't mind losing, but most of the stuff I have now, is stuff I actually want to have.

I've got conventions flying at my head faster than I can think; AC is two weeks away and I've got nothing for it (and will have nothing for it). InterventionCon is not that far off and if my summer goes as it currently has been, I'll have nothing for that either. As one of the GOH's for the next FurTheMore, I need to put some effort into creating stuff for that, but right now I'm running on fumes, creatively speaking.

I have found a new counselor, first session tomorrow, hopefully she will help. laurie_robey is seeing my previous counselor, and the counselor doesn't wish to be working with both of us. (She's not a couples counselor, and rightfully doesn't want to end up "in the middle" between Laurie and myself. So she gave me a recommendation for the new one.)

So, yeah, sorry for the lack of interesting journal posts. There just isn't really the mental bandwidth for them right now.

-The Gneech
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