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  • Thu, 15:54: I approve of this development. // RT @IronLiz: >.<
  • Thu, 16:00: RT @EmergencyPuppy: Corgis, corgis everywhere.
  • Thu, 17:09: Click to install. Do you wish to install? You have chosen to install, is this correct? Do you wish to allow Windows to install this?
  • Thu, 17:09: Cripes, compy. If you don't want to install any software, just say so.
  • Thu, 17:12: Yes, install it. Install it. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES. Install it. INSTALL IT! INSTALL THAT STUPID PIECE OF SOFTWARE YOU %&*$$!!!
  • Thu, 21:56: Well I was gonna try to do some RP, or maybe play LotRO or Borderlands, but nope, I spent the evening pretty much dealing with work stuff.
  • Thu, 21:57: Oh well. Gonna hit the hay and play Pheonix Wright 'til I go to sleep. Phoenix + Lotta Hart = OTP. ;)
  • Thu, 21:57: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Thu, 21:59: o/` They call me Gneechmiester! Whatever I touch starts to melt in my clutch... o/` Wait, what? /RT @Inkblitzer: Goooodnight, Gneechmiester.
  • Thu, 22:00: Thanks, Fluttershy! I'll think happy thoughts. ;) // RT @mlp_Fluttershy: (( Goodnight. Flutter on! ))
  • Fri, 11:55: Today's summer solstice. My like could really use a Beach Episode.
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