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  • Wed, 07:12: RT @Frumph: Congratulations SB5 is dead. You rock REAL Texas people.
  • Wed, 07:13: RT @MattBors: I just can't get over Republicans trying to LITERALLY TURN BACK THE CLOCK ON WOMENS RIGHTS. like, don't be a living metaphor…
  • Wed, 07:15: RT @BenKuchera: "I couldn't hear myself over all the people," said a politician confused by evidence of democracy.
  • Wed, 07:17: RT @donnatella_moss: It's nice that racism and sexism are so totally over, isn't it, SCOTUS? #vra
  • Wed, 07:18: RT @JacobSHall: When can we put Wendy Davis and Cory Booker in charge of the country? Fire all of the old rich white men and start over.
  • Wed, 07:20: RT @DavidGrann: Must read political story of morning: How Texas vote on abortion bill threw Senate into chaos & was rendered moot http://t.…
  • Wed, 07:24: As somebody who lives in a state where the legislature is just as messed up, I stand and applaud Wendy Davis. #standwithwendy
  • Wed, 08:45: RT @TheMarySue: Clockwork bugs > regular bugs
  • Wed, 08:48: GOOD MORNING TWEEPS! :D
  • Wed, 08:48: Yeah, I know I was posting earlier, but that was me eating breakfast. I'm now actually at my desk and officially working.
  • Wed, 08:48: Or at least, officially goofing off by posting to Twitter. ;)
  • Wed, 08:49: I am in a great mood today. I'm gonna TEAR IT UP, yo.
  • Wed, 08:49: (That "yo" makes it cool, see. All the kids are doing it.)
  • Wed, 08:50: I am like the awkwardest nerd ever. �.� But I'm friendly! ^.^
  • Wed, 08:54: RT @NEligahn: @the_gneech Hell yeah great moods! Let's piss everyone else off with our good moods today! We'll be 'da bomb'. (You get that …
  • Wed, 08:58: RT @DalekThay: I have a PLUNGER for ONE ARM and a DEATH RAY for the OTHER. Your ARGUMENT is INVALID.
  • Wed, 09:09: RT @Snoopy: Wednesday morning with Snoopy and @Woodstock.
  • Wed, 09:18: 680 followers! Only 2,335,534 more to catch up with @WilW. TODAY COULD BE THE DAY! You're goin' down, Wheaton!
  • Wed, 09:21: Dream large, Netbard. Dream large! //RT @netbard: I think I'll just stick to my goal to get 458 followers to catch up with @the_gneech. :P
  • Wed, 09:21: RT @seananmcguire: My phone has started suggesting "burn" as the next word in most circumstances. It's learning!
  • Wed, 10:16: We're living through history, folks. Keep wide awake for it.
  • Wed, 10:39: RT @misterbrilliant: DOMA is dead, marriage's defences are down, time to fly our cruisers into the superstructure and attempt to knock out …
  • Wed, 10:39: There's lots of heavy duty WRONG still out there-- this stuff isn't finished by a long shot. But good things ARE happening.
  • Wed, 10:42: RT @bravoart: Gay Wedding Planner jumps to #1 most lucrative business startup in 2013.
  • Wed, 10:45: RT @TheMarySue: Photoshop Creates Expert Magazine Covers and Tabloids From the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Wed, 10:58: RT @theferocity: To black gay folks who are elated about today's victory and heartbroken about yesterday's VRA decision, there is rage in t…
  • Wed, 10:59: RT @ariezrawaldman: dissent (scalia) is about role of the judiciary in declaring congress' laws unconst. big words from a guy who wrecked t…
  • Wed, 11:10: I'm totally dancing around in my cubicle to "Y.M.C.A." It just seems the thing to do, don't know why.
  • Wed, 11:11: Aheheheheh. NO. // RT @ZiaMcCorgi555: hey works for me. make a video ^.^
  • Wed, 11:22: RT @KyellGold: I didn't get emotional reading the SCOTUS rulings. I got emotional seeing their effect on the people in my life. Thanks, @tw
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