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Pick a Card, Any Card

A while back rowyn mentioned in the course of a conversation about writing and plot that she has an exercise she engages in that involves drawing tarot cards to develop stories. This seemed like a neat idea and I filed it in the back of my head for use later.

So yesterday, I just happened to be in a Barnes & Noble ("How did I get HERE??? I hate bookstores!") where I spotted a "steampunk tarot deck" in the remainders section. This was something I'd spotted before and been quite intrigued by, and my policy on such things is "If I see it again and still want it, that means I probably actually want it." Especially on sale. ;) So I picked it up and started mucking around with it a bit.

I also e-mailed rowyn asking her for some guidance on her technique and she, being made of awesome and win, sent back a very detailed and helpful explanation. She also posted it to her own LJ, for anyone else out there who might find it interesting and useful.

I intend to give this a try in the upcoming months. :) I'll let you know the results!

-The Gneech
Tags: steampunk, writing, writing life
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