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Butts to Kick, Names to Take

Whatever else may be going on with me, I am fortunate in at least one respect: instead of PCD (post-con depression), I get PCB (post-con bounce). Instead of being sad at leaving behind my friends and an environment where I can actually be myself without getting peculiar stares from everyone around me, I get excited and itching to go about all the cool stuff I can have ready for the next time.

In the case of the AnthroCon that just passed, the PCB ties in nicely with my excitement for the life changes headed my way. I spent the whole con trying to imagine what it would be like in the context of having the time to have art in the art show, new merch at the table, and even *gasp* stay until Monday if I wanted to! And I gotta admit, it was pretty awesome. ;) As the panic over selling the house and moving has subsided, eagerness to get on with it has really been cranking up.

The downside of that is that as much as February-June has been five months of "Do ALL the things!"... July-September are going to be EVEN WORSE. *sob* The house is a shambles of boxes and we're not even half done, there's contractors and painters and such to be dealt with, and we've got to figure out what the heck we're going to do re: selling our house and trying to get at least enough profit out of it to get a decent down payment on the new one, all while keeping the jobs up and running, making sure my mom is okay back in her house, and dodging and weaving to keep out from under any other 16-ton weights life throws at us. Oh yeah, InterventionCon is in the midst of all that, and MFF is close behind.

On the other hand, all of this stuff has a nicely-defined "start, middle, and finish" which means, among other things, that there are milestones to be achieved. We can see and check off real progress, instead of floating along in a vague fog of "busy-ness" that never lets up. We're aiming to show the house in mid-August. If we're lucky, it will be sold and we'll have a new place by mid-September. It's not just conceivable, but actually the intended plan, that we'll be living in our "new normal" by Thanksgiving. blows my tiny little mind.

But what blows my mind even more? That means I could be a full-time, professional writer by Christmas.

Awwww yeah!

-The Gneech
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