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  • Wed, 16:16: RT @lupinia: I'm not cagey about my code because that's not why I do what I do. Code is a means to an end. Ideas are my business, and har…
  • Wed, 16:17: I love this icon. It feels like I'm applauding all the awesome stuff I retweet.
  • Wed, 16:18: That said, I'm working on a new one that will replace it within a day or two. ;) Just 'cause as much as I love Twi, she's not really me.
  • Wed, 16:20: Hee. She is a bit of a spaz. ;) // RT @Skyliting: and we are glad of that. She gets worked up into a froth over stuff you wouldn't.
  • Wed, 16:33: RT @NotTube: Minions! Entertain me with hymns or praise! That's right, I demand peons' paeans!
  • Wed, 16:33: RT @LouCove: @Coffitivity Is it bad that I'm listening to your stream while working in a cafe? Can I overdose? Pleas…
  • Wed, 16:35: Every time @foalpapers RTs something, it gets a ton of favorites & re-RTs. But this tweet has no content! So don't retweet it, Foaly!
  • Wed, 21:57: RT @FurtheMore: Preregistration begins in less than 5 minutes
  • Wed, 22:25: RT @HantaMouse: Tomorrow is a work day - I'm not sure I remember how. Lets see, I am up way too late the night before, yes, that's step on…
  • Wed, 22:47: AC sketch by @TheLizzieBean ... holy wow.
  • Wed, 22:53: Bedtime for me, now! Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Wed, 22:56: RT @sparf: Hey everybody. @teirandragon is missing his Sketchbook. It was left in the Alley at AC. Reward for return! Details:
  • Thu, 09:03: RT @DBNarwhal: If you can't afford to pay an artist for your comic project, then you don't want to be a comic book writer bad enough. Sorry…
  • Thu, 09:05: RT @lupinia: Lots of these sound fun :-) RT @LifeCheating: Unusual date ideas:
  • Thu, 09:08: Good morning, my crisp and lovely Tweeps! I do love you so. :) Remember how yesterday I told you to have an awesome tomorrow? IT'S TIME.
  • Thu, 09:14: Well you'll just have to improvise. THERE'S NO TAKING BACK THE AWESOME! // RT @netbard: CRAP! I'm totally unprepared!
  • Thu, 09:14: You, of all people, can totally do this. I have faith! // RT @Skyliting: *whimpers like Fluttershy, hides under bed*
  • Thu, 09:17: Awww yeah! // RT @twitchthefox: I'll make good on your proposal, Gneech ^_^
  • Thu, 09:56: That counts! :) // RT @packbat: Went to the dentist. He told me I've been doing a good job brushing and flossing. #awesome
  • Thu, 09:59: RT @ArakinUK: Like Cthulhu? You'll love today - their TwoFury promotion has two designs to choose from. CHOOSE!
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