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The Mane Event

So I'm working on a new "default me" image for website, biz cards, etc. I have a very bold, vibrant look in mind, inspired in no small part by the best aspects of MLP:FIM, but also working to not throw away my own style.

Obviously, in order to best capture my own essence, I went to another artist. ;) Specifically Spunkywulf/Zillabean, whom I had do a very nice set of pencils to use as a springboard. But the time has come for me to figure out... what do do with my hair?

In the end I decided, it should have some purple stripes in it. Because a huge floof of red mane obviously wasn't awesome enough. ¬.¬ And also because purple is kinda my color. But beyond that, I'm having a hard time nailing down exactly what I want to do with it, so like a big ol' teenager, I'm throwing it out to the internet for suggestions!

With a little help from laurie_robey and sirfox, I've worked out the following notions:

Me! In five different versions. No, I am not a Timelord.

"ITSALION" is the base color set; the others are the ones I'm actually trying to decide between. Which do you like, and why? :) (Note that the images are just WiPs... the final design is not yet finished. Right now I'm just looking at the manestyle.)

-The Gneech
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