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Games I'm Not Playing

It may seem hard to believe given all the other things going on with me lately, but I have actually been poking around looking for a game that would catch my attention. Unable to face another night of slogging around Moria with my under-construction champion, I went back to my blue space-goat from World of Warcraft, I installed and poked around in Dungeons and Dragons Online, and I did the same in the new Neverwinter. I've also tried and failed to be excited by Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep... all with no success.

They all have the same problem: they're all made to highlight the part of the RPG experience I'm least interested in, to wit: wandering around killing random monsters. There's a terrible crushing sameness to it all that leads me to despair. We have the technology to create stunning worlds-within-the-machine, and this is what we do with it? Kill 10 skeletons and return to the quest NPC for the task to kill 10 giant spiders?

Speaking of sameness, how many of these games open with you on the beach after a shipwreck? At least two of the ones I tried recently did; my memory is that Age of Conan did as well, and I think one of the Elder Scrolls games I tried did.

I want cool and interesting people to talk to! I want to see amazing things that I've never seen before! I want to be astounded by magic altering the fabric of the universe! I sure as hell don't want to compare whether this sword has a 0.5% better chance of hitting an orc than that one does.

Lord I miss you, Quest For Glory series... I remember when CRPGs were awesome and fueled by imagination. It's been a long time.

-The Gneech


Jul. 13th, 2013 02:38 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure how helpful it is, but that's one of the reasons I am so into Minecraft: we're literally creating astonishing worlds-within-the-machine. Kind of blocky ones, but it's all this stuff about 'this system builds up chickens in my farm, in this place where wandering monsters are blocked out by THIS type of fence which the spiders can't climb and was pretty cheap to make though it is vulnerable to skellies firing through etc etc'

Or, 'this is my tunnel through the Nether hell-space which I built block by block, dangling over a lava sea and scared that Ghasts would shoot fireballs at me—you can see the creepy environment because I built the top out of glass which they don't shoot you through, that's good because they don't break cobblestone but their blasts DO blow up glass sometimes, and I gotta smelt glass out of sand that I got from what used to be this desert island over here'

I guess I play that sandbox game like it was a RPG game only all the cool things you basically have to make yourself (or build out of natural formations). Unless you're getting blown up a lot and losing your stuff (augh!) the grinding tends to be towards a self-directed end, rather than simply leveling. It's like there IS no leveling beyond 'got 30 XP levels, time to enchant another shovel!'

I gotta find out what you can get for enchanting a diamond hoe, because that's funny—my Applejack character in my minecraft lets-play would really enjoy that. Farmer REPRESENT! :D

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